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We are a company with a family tradition

The Rollprint label printing house started its activity in 1989. Our factory is a producer of multi-colored self-adhesive labels used in the cosmetics, food, chemical, pharmaceutical, household chemicals and spirit industries.

Many years of experience allow us to meet every task placed on us, from graphic design, through printing, finishing processes, to delivering the finished product to the customer.

Rollprint is not only a printing house for self-adhesive labels on rolls. In our assortment you will also find thermal transfer ribbons of the highest quality.

A modern and diverse in terms of printing technology park of printing machines allows us to carry out small and medium-sized orders for multi-million expenditures and additional refinements with UV varnish, lamination, cold-stamping, screen printing. There is also a possibility of multi-layer printing of the label on the adhesive side. The main goal for our company is to meet your needs and expectations and build long-term partnerships to achieve mutual success…

Our motto is: innovation, flexibility, punctuality, passion for printing.

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From graphic design, through printing, finishing processes, to delivery of the finished product

Decorative labels

High-class labels that have a positive effect on the perception of the brand. Thanks to unlimited possibilities (paper, foil, glue, forms of refinement), we create unique labels.

Peel-off labels

This technology allows you to peel off and re-stick the subsequent layers of the label, creating a kind of "book", the pages of which can be printed with the necessary information. Layers can be printed on both foil and paper.

Reverse print labels

The so-called underprint - allows the label to be printed on both sides, the top layer can be used as decorative and advertising graphics, and other necessary information can be applied to the side with the adhesive.

Structural labels

This is a great way to give your product a prestigious character. The use of high-quality textured papers makes the label take on a completely different expression - it becomes more noble, and the product itself looks unique in the store space and is eagerly chosen by consumers.

Security labels

They are used to protect the product against unauthorized interference from the outside and to confirm the authenticity of the purchase. Additional information, such as a serial number or a bar code, can be added to the security label, such as the warranty seal, allowing the verification of the authenticity of the product.

Labels with braille printing

They were designed for blind and partially sighted people. They allow you to read the names of products, their composition, expiry date and other necessary information that manufacturers put on the products.

Perforated labels

They are usually printed on foil or paper with a silicone backing. As a result, it tears easily, and the edge of such action will always have a smooth shape without fraying the material.

Thermal labels

The main advantage of thermal labels is a cheap and simple printing method. The paper from which the thermal labels are made is covered with a thin layer of thermo-active material, which changes its color to black under the influence of the temperature generated by the print head.

TTR tapes

We offer TTR thermal transfer ribbons for use in every label printer. The ribbons are made of the highest quality raw materials, thanks to which they provide the best protection for the print head and enable printing in high speed ranges while maintaining the highest print quality of the head.
Wax ribbons: for common coated and uncoated paper labels.
Wax-resin tapes: for paper and foil labels.
Resin ribbons: designed for printing materials exposed to harsh environmental conditions, in the most demanding and non-standard applications.

Our foundations

We have been trusted by many well-known and respected companies.

We are a company with many years of experience. We deal with professional and comprehensive service related to the graphic design, printing, finishing process up to delivery of the finished product to the customer.
Our company is made up of competent people who fill their work with full commitment.
We have an experienced staff with many years of experience, so you can be sure that all the work entrusted to us will be reliably made with attention to every detail. We strive to meet every task. The orders entrusted to us are always a new challenge for us, to which we approach individually and with passion, and customer satisfaction is our goal.

Sales department and customer service

Complex customer service.

Creative graphic designers and a professional graphic studio

A team of experienced and creative graphic designers and DTP operators.

Photopolymer preparation room

We have our own digital preparation of photopolymer forms, equipped with the most modern equipment.

Machine park

It includes modern flexographic printing machines and packaging machines.

Quality control and packing

Trained team to control the quality and packing of the finished product.

Transport and Logistics

We have our own vans and cooperate with many courier companies.

Flexographic printing house

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